His Royal Highness, 

Prince Charles Edward salutes you




Monument erected at Glenfinnan in 1815 to commemorate the raising of the Jacobite Standard on August 19th 1745


Extract from "Walking with Charlie"

 I began by walking along the road to Glenmoidart, following the path the Jacobites took to Dalelia on the shore of Loch Shiel. At Brunery I crossed the river and found the track leading uphill to Ty Coat. Fortunately the owner of this interestingly named wooden house was bumping towards me in his car and stopped to provide confirmation that this was the right route. 'In the steps of the Prince,' were his very words and you can't get clearer than that. Three miles later I arrived at Dalelia to discover that although there are trails along the northern side of the loch they peter out quickly. To reach Glenfinnan I had either to travel by boat as the Prince did, or somehow find my way to Polloch pier on the far side of the loch, from where there is a forest road to Glenfinnan. Polloch is only about three miles in a straight line from Dalelia but about twenty-five by road. I quickly determined that the thing to do was to take a boat. The only trouble was, I didn't have one.

I visited the big house in Dalelia to ask if anyone would be prepared to take me over the water. It seemed that someone working on the fish farm might, but quite when was impossible to say. There was nothing for it but to potter about and hope for a boat to tie up at the pier. Half an hour later one did and the offer of a twenty-pound note saw me scudding across the loch to Polloch. I wanted to travel the whole length of the Loch Shiel to Glenfinnan but my ship's captain had neither time nor inclination for that. My tiny craft cut its engine and the twenty pounds fare stretched far enough to have the pilot pull the boat into the shallows so that I could avoid getting my boots soaked. I said goodbye and leapt out onto the wide forest road to Glenfinnan. End

"Walking with Charlie" is stocked by Historic Scotland and The National Trust for Scotland at selected locations.

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