The 1745 Association


This is a non-political historical association, the objects of which are:-

1) To study the Jacobite period.

2) To record and preserve the memory of those who actively participated in, or who had


     connections with the '45.

3) To mark the appropriate historical sites.


Replica of the Prince's Standard hoisted at Glenfinnan 

(made by Pat Labistour)


Office Bearers of The 1745 Association


Patrons:                  Sir William MacPherson of Cluny and Blairgowrie



                                Lord Ogilvy



                                 James Drummond, Viscount Strathallan




President:                  Brigadier John M. MacFarlane

                                    Tigh nam Barr, Taynuilt, Argyll PA35 1TQ




Hon. Vice President: Miss Christian Aikman

                                     Ferry Cottage, Ardgour, 

                                     Fort William, 

                                     Inverness-shire PA33 7AA



Chairman:                   The Very Reverend Dr Alexander Emsley Nimmo

                                      St Margaretís Clergy House, St Margaretís Brae,

                                      Gallowgate,  Aberdeen AB25 1EA



Vice Chairmen:          Norman H. MacDonald; 



                                      Mrs Sheila Barcroft, 



                                     Miss Louie Macrae Donald





Minutes Secretary:  Miss Barbara Graham

                                   42 Annanhill Ave


                                   Ayrshire KA1 2LQ





Treasurer:                 Steve Lord

                                    4 Mill St 



                                    Oxon OX29 4JS



Editor of 

"The Jacobite"       F. Peter Lole

                                 8 Marshall Place

                                 Perth PH2 8AH



Webmaster             Lewie Caw

                                 4 Mill St, Eynsham, Witney

                                 Oxon OX29 4JS


                                 Letters to Lewie




About the Association

The Association, while young in comparison with some other history societies, having been formed as recently as 1946, has from inception, provided contact between a not insignificant number of people drawn together by their interest in Jacobite history and in particular by the events of the 1745 Rising and its aftermath.


The Association does not possess a headquarters building, but despite this lack of a centre, continues to attract new members resident in Scotland, other parts of the United Kingdom and overseas. (Indeed, at one recent time the Association had members in twenty-two States of the United States of America).


The Association's Annual Gathering

This is the acknowledged highlight of the Association's year and is the occasion for meeting and greeting members from all parts of the world during a programme of visits and talks about matters of Jacobite interest in the vicinity of the Gathering venue. A different venue is selected each year. The Annual gathering is three nights and concludes with the Annual Dinner on Saturday. The Annual General Meeting is held on the evening prior to the Dinner. Places of interest which are visited range from the battle sites to private country houses which have had Jacobite connections.



The Association's Publication

Three times a year the Association publishes "The Jacobite", which is sent to all members. This has become a most enjoyable and interesting source of information to members. Brief articles relating to lesser-known events or personalities of the Jacobite period are welcomed for publication at the discretion of the Hon. Editor.  From time to time, the journal also includes book reviews, other articles of historical interest usually pertaining to the 18th Century, and also readers' queries.


The Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's Army

Some years ago the Association's Council decided that the Muster Roll would be of considerable interest and compilation commenced. Unfortunately progress was arrested owing to the death of the member whose brain child it had been. It was thirty years later when a decision was taken to complete the work as far as it was possible to do so and three leading members of the Association -- A. Livingstone of Bachuil, C.W.H. Aikman and B. Stuart Hart -- took over as joint editors.

A first edition of the Muster Roll was published by Aberdeen University Press in 1984 and reprinted in 1985 with a third, enlarged edition published in 2001


The Association's Website

We hope you like the website and will forgive any mistakes, either technical or otherwise.  Your contributions are both encouraged and welcomed. Comments, letters, pictures etc may be sent to . We will include what we can but make no promises to publish your contribution.


There are many sites of Jacobite interest that are marked by the 1745 Association. These need maintenance from time to time. There are other sites that are currently unmarked. If you would like to help us in this historical work or make a donation to the general running of the 1745 Association we should be very grateful. All donations will be acknowledged on the website unless donors indicate otherwise.

The following items are available from the Hon. Vice President

Miss Christian Aikman, Ferry Cottage, Ardgour, Fort William PH33 7AA

A lapel badge of enameled metal 3/4" in size of a white rose. Price £2.00 incl. postage.

Post cards of the Association`s Coat of Arms £0.20 each

"Sixteen quarterings"  in full heraldic colours of the Last Princes of the Royal House of Stuart  20" x l3".

£9.00 inc. postage



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