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2011 Edinburgh Fringe

1745: The Last Hopeful Epistle of Bonnie Prince Charlie


Follow this link for more information 1745 Fringe Production Flyer.pdf


Programmed for Theatre 2 at the Surgeon’s Hall, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh (across the road from the Edinburgh Festival Theatre) between August 5th and August 20th 2011. The production runs from 6:05 PM to 6:55 PM for 12 days over that period starting on Friday August 5th and ending on Saturday August 20th (not Sundays).


Venue Box Office Number: 0845 508 8515


It is the story of the last Jacobite Rising of 1745, told by those who followed the Stuart Standard on the long march from the Highlands to Derby, and retreat to a final tragic denouement at Culloden.


On November 6 1746, the leader of the Rising gave his own account of the campaign in a previously undiscovered letter to King Louis of France – The Last Hopeful Epistle of Bonnie Prince Charlie.


It’s Mike Nevin's version of events, narrated around the following poems recounting events during the campaign :





1745 Association member Dave Waddell has put many hours of work into  producing a map of Jacobite activity during the '45. You can find it using Google Maps here He has also constructed a page for Wikipedia concerning the Prince's Cairn at Loch nan Uamh. Both are works undergoing development


The Jacobite Heritage   


This is a brilliant site run by Noel McFerran from Canada. it  is full of fascinating facts about the Jacobites.




Follow the journey that could have changed the course of British history


This is BBC site. It's a bit of fun and great for the kids.




Electric Scotland  

Everything you ever wanted to know about Prince Charlie is here!



The  Royal Stuart Society

The Royal Stuart Society was founded in 1926 and is open to all who have an interest in the Royal House of Stuart




Alliance France-Ecosse strives to preserve the spirit of the Auld Alliance (the Franco-Scottish treaty signed in 1295) by promoting friendly, cultural and economical exchange between our two nations.


The Northumbrian Jacobites

Mainly concerned with the Rising of 1715



The Prestonpans Dream

Feb 25 2007

The Analysis  of the Battle of Prestonpans by Dr Christopher Duffy is now complete and can be read on the Prestonpans Dream website at Battlefield Analysis



Below is a press cutting from the East Lothian Courier of 29 June 2007 describing recent events at Prestonpans. Lots more news and press articleson the Prestonpans Dream website. The cutting refers to the "battle bing" I need educating here. That's an expression new to me. 


BONNIE Prince Charlie gave his seal of approval to the new Battle of Prestonpans Visitor Centre at Meadowmill, which opened on Saturday.

Played by actor and Battle scholar Arran Johnston – from Derby, where the real ‘Young Pretender’ and his Jacobite army reached in December 1745 on his march to claim the English throne before returning north – he was joined by local volunteers who will man the centre over the summer. The centre is the initiative of the Battle of Prestonpans Heritage Trust, which is campaigning to safeguard and interpret the site of the famous 1745 battle.Other than a commemorative cairn, there is very little in the area to signify that such an important battle took place. A portacabin in the car park at Meadowmill Sports Centre provides information on the battle, the Jacobite cause, and details of the work and aims of the Battle Trust. The Trust aims to raise funds to create a permanent £7 million centre at the adjacent ‘battle bing’ with the new structure a temporary solution until the end of September.

Battle Trustee and local SNP councillor, Peter Mackenzie, a former teacher who initiated historic walks around the site in 2000, was pleased the project was finally getting off the ground. He said: “It’s great to see the centre up and running and the project is gaining momentum due to the hard work of the Trustees and volunteers. “I started meeting people and touring the site seven years ago, but this is the start of a more permanent and fitting commemoration of this important battle.”

The centre will be open at weekends between 11am and 3pm and will be staffed entirely by volunteers and supporters of the battle campaign. It will also play a key role in the celebrations taking place over the weekend of the 262nd anniversary of the battle on September 21.

A number of re-enactments involving enthusiasts from all over the UK and beyond are being planned as well as a range of other community events.

To celebrate the opening of the temporary visitor centre, a Jacobite standard is flying above the ‘battle bing’, and is clearly visible from the nearby A1.





 This website is a collection of scans of autograph material that relate to the Jacobite diplomatic and military campaigns from 1688 to 1746. I am sorry to say I do not know the name of the author so cannot give that information. There are links from the page to other sources of information notably that of Guelph University, Ontario. Not all the links work and as the site is outside my control I have no ability to fix them.


In The Steps of the '45 from Scottish Mist.com

Scottishmist.com is a series of Scottish Cultural and Historical topics.


Crann Tara 

Crann Tara derives from the Gaelic for Fiery Cross, the history behind the name and the symbol, it was decided, would be appropriate in the use as the group name. Crann Tara's aims and objectives include preserving the history, culture and heritage of Scotland

Clan Macpherson Museum

Visited by Association members on the 2007 Gathering

Culloden Memorial, Knoydart Nova Scotia

This is an interesting one and completely new to me

Ascanius, or The Young Adventurer. Best Selling book of the18th and 19th Century 


Online Links to useful Books 

Lyon in Mourning. A collection of Speeches, Letters Journals etc Relative to the Affairs of Prince Charles Edward Stuart by the Rev. Robert Forbes. Edited by Henry Paton

Ascanius: Or, The Young Adventurer Containing an Impartial account of the Late Rebellion in Scotland attributed to Dr Ralph Griffiths 1746

Transactions in Scotland in The Years 1715-16 and 1745-46 by George Charles. Published Stirling 1817

Jacobite Memoirs Edited from the manuscripts of the late Right Rev. Robert Forbes by Robert Chambers (Edinburgh 1834)

Elcho of the '45 by Alice Wemyss. Published by the Saltire Society 2002

History of England from the Peace of Utrecht to the Peace of Versailles 1713- 1783 by Lord Mahon (Published by Little, Brown & Co., Boston 1853) You may wish to start at p205 which is where this link should take you if I have done it correctly

"The Thomas Bell Library.": The catalogue of 15000 volumes of scarce & curious printed books Pages 201-231 are of Jacobite interest

Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart: (count of Albany) Commonly Called the Young Pretender by Charles Louis Klose (Punlished by Henry Colburn 1845)

The History of Scotland: from the earliest period to the present time by Robert Chambers (Published by Richard Bentley, London, 1832

Historical Papers Relating to the Jacobite Period, 1699-1750, v. 1
edited by James Allardyce
Historical Papers Relating to the Jacobite Period, 1699-1750, v. 2
edited by James Allardyce

Historical Notes or Essays on the '15 and '45 by D. Murray Rose

History of the Early Part of the Reign of James the Second
by Charles James Fox
Albemarle Papers
Genuine and True Journal of the Most Miraculous Escape of the Young Chevalier
by John Burton
History of the Rebellion in Scotland in 1745
by John Home
History of the Rebellion in Scotland in 1745, 1746, v. 1
by Robert Chambers
History of the Reign of James the Second
by Gilbert Burnet
History of the Revolution in England in 1688
by James Mackintosh
Jacobite Correspondence of the Atholl Family
edited by John Hill Burton
Jacobite Episode in Scottish History and its Relative Literature
by W. Willmott Dixon
Jacobite Stronghold of the Church: Being the Story of Old St. Paul's, Edinburgh
by Mary E. Ingram
James II
by F.C. Turner
James II and His Wives
by Allan Fea
Magdalen College and King James II

Memoirs of James II
edited by A. Lytton Sells

Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart, v. 1
by Karl Ludwig Klose

Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart, v. 2
by Karl Ludwig Klose

Memoirs of the Chevalier de Johnstone, v. 1
by James Johnstone, Chevalier de Johnstone

Memoirs of the Chevalier de Johnstone, v. 2
by James Johnstone, Chevalier de Johnstone

Memoirs of the Chevalier de Johnstone, v. 3
by James Johnstone, Chevalier de Johnstone

Memoirs of the Insurrection in Scotland in 1715
by John Sinclair

Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745, v. 1
by Grace Wharton (Mrs. Thomson)

Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745, v. 3
by Grace Wharton (Mrs. Thomson)

Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745, v. 2
by Grace Wharton (Mrs. Thomson)

My Sword for Sarsfield: A Story of the Jacobite War in Ireland
edited by Randal William McDonnell

News Letters of 1715-16
edited by Archibald Francis Steuart

Prince Charlie's Pilot by Evan Macleod Barron

Parochial Registers of Saint Germain-en-Laye, v. 1

Parochial Registers of Saint Germain-en-Laye, v. 2

Pickle the Spy
by Andrew Lang

Queen Mary of Modena, Her Life and Letters
by Martin Haile

Remarks on the Speeches of William Paul ... and John Hall ... Executed at Tyburn ... 1716
by Daniel Defoe

Sermon Preached on the Occasion of the Present Rebellion in Scotland
by Thomas Secker

Short Account of the Affairs of Scotland in the Years 1744, 1745, 1746
by David Wemyss, Lord Elcho

The English Court in Exile: James II at Saint-Germain
by Edwin Sharpe Grew

The Myth of the Jacobite Clans by Murray G.H. Pittock

The Life and Adventures of Prince Charles Edward Stuart by W. Drummond Norie

Trial of Simon, Lord Lovat, of the '45

Two Chapters of Irish History: 1. The Irish Parliament of James II; 2. The Alleged Violation of the Treaty of Limerick
by Thomas Dunbar Ingram

Some Remarkable Passages in the Life of the Honourable Col. James Gardiner

by Philip Doddridge

Culloden Papers: Comprising an Extensive and Interesting Correspondence from 1625-1748

by H.R. Duff 

The Jacobites, Britain, and Europe, 1688-1788

by  Daniel Szechi

1715: The Great Jacobite Rebellion

by  Daniel Szechi

Jacobite Movement

 by Charles Petrie

Bonnie Prince Charlie in Cumberland  

by I.A. Wheatley


The London Gazette

This link will take you to the home page of The Gazette Look for "Historians" and click "Search the Archive" Enter the date and bingo!! eg 

The following is an Extract of a Letter from Captain Duff of the Terror Bomb, dated off Coll May 19 1746


The American Revolution in the Southern Colonies (chapter six--Moore's Creek Bridge)

 by David Lee Russell

Documents relating to the Rising of 1745 (Nottingham University)








A Few Jacobite works of Fiction


Billow and the Rock
by Harriet Martineau
Glen Desseray and Other Poems, Lyrical and Elegiac
by John Campbell Shairp
God and the King
by Marjorie Bowen
Jacobite Exile
by G.A. Henty
White Cockade; or, Faith and Fortitude
by James Grant


Videos & DVDs you might like to buy


 Culloden, Peter Watkins BBC 1964  (Amazon link)

Filmed in a documentary style manner and broadcast by the BBC in December 1964.  It portrays a fairly accurate account of the conflict. The narration in the way of a news report by a television crew, gives an added feel and good historical account of the battle and the following genocide committed in the Highlands by British government troops.



Video Links

There are some video clips on YouTube that you may find of interest (Click 'back' button to return to this website)


Culloden (Battlefield Britain)

Culloden (NTS Video Trailer)


Ye Jacobites by Name

Ghosts of Culloden

Bonnie Prince Charlie Parade Derby

Skye Boat Song






Publications by The 1745 Association and its Members 


Jacobite Legacy 

ISBN: 1 872350 68 2

by Martin Kelvin 


The Scottish Pistol:

Its History, Manufacture and Design

by Martin Kelvin


No Quarter Given

The Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's Army, 1745-46 

Editors: Christian Aikman, Alastair Livingstone of Bachuil 

and Betty Stuart Hart,  

ISBN: 1903238021 

Publisher: Neil Wilson  

The '45: Bonnie Prince Charlie 

Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Untold Story of the Jacobite Rising

by Christopher Duffy

A Digest of the Jacobite Clubs

by F. Peter Lole


Lady Nithsdale and the Jacobites

by Flora Maxwell Stua

The Clan Ranald of Knoydart & Glengarry

by Norman H. MacDonald



A Jacobite Anthology

Published on behalf of The 1745 Association to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the landing of  Prince Charles Edward Stuart in Scotland.

(out of print)

The Jacobite Dictionary
By Mairead McKerrachar











The Battle of Prestonpans 1745

By Martin Margulies



THE MacCRIMMON PIPERS OF SKYE: A Tradition Under Siege

By Robert Bruce Campbell




Newspaper Articles

Here are a few newspaper articles from "The Times". Suggestions for additions, from any newspaper, are very welcome. Please try to keep them very interesting or up to date or both.

Bonnie Prince... Henry? Daily Mail 28 June 2008          

Are these two portraits of the same man?


No resistance at home of Whisky Galore and the Jacobite Rebellion

British Library sacks curator for keeping historic book in car boot

£9m to redraw the bloody battle lines of Culloden

Culloden Visitor Centre Daily Telegraph

Article from Canadian Press on marriage of Mr Peter Phillips

BBC Bonnie Prince Charlie Links




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