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Bonnie Prince Charlie Statue in Derby

Dear all,


It is with profound sadness that I have to inform you that the Editor of the Jacobite, Brian Whiting, passed awayBrian Whiting, Editor on Wednesday, 4 October, apparently as a consequence of undetected complications arising from his recent whiplash injury and subsequent fall. It is believed that a post-mortem will be carried out, and further news will be advised as it becomes available.

At this sad and difficult time, I celebrate Brian's life and remember the good times, whether they be the songs and laughter at Derby, regaling us as we travelled through the piazzas of Rome, or in London just two weeks ago when he was as ebullient and cheerful as ever.

Recently, drawing on his immense knowledge of Jacobite poems and songs, Brian was able to provide me with the complete poems of John Roy Stuart, with whom (in my mind's eye) he shared some similarities – a swashbuckling, devil may care Jacobite with the heart of a warrior and the soul of a poet.  Not many of John Roy's poems have survived, and all but one were composed in Gaelic; but last month I came across a French translation of a lament that he wrote for a lady who had passed before her time, the words of which seem appropriate at this sad moment.


Si le chagrin mêle aux embruns

Vos larmes, gens de coeur,

Si de la lune dans la brume

Le jour a la pâleur,

Si sous la pluie, la feuille plie,

Si tout n'est que douleur,

C'est bien qu'en proie au désarroi,

L'univers est en pleurs.


The literal translation of which is:


If distress mixes with the spray

Of your tears, broken hearted people,

If from the moon through the mist

The day has a pallor,

If under the rain, the leaf bends,

if everything is only sadness,

it's just because we're overwhelmed with helplessness,

And the universe is weeping.


Requiescat in Pace.


Brian's family has requested privacy, so any tributes etc should be through the Association rather than directly to the family.


Mike Nevin

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 from 12:30–1:15 PM:

Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 1 Queen Street Edinburgh. Gallery No 4 (The Wolfson Gallery). Michael Nevin, Chairman of the 1745 Association, will give a talk on ‘The Decline and Fall of the House of Stuart, 1700-1750’, to mark the anniversary of the fateful Council of War held in Derby on December 5, 1745 when the Jacobite high command decided to turn back to Scotland. The talk will draw on clues contained in the portraits of the main protagonists displayed in the gallery to explain what happened during that tumultuous half century.

More 2017 events on the Gatherings page.

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This is a non-political historical association, the objects of which are:-
  1. To study the Jacobite period.
  2. To record and preserve the memory of those who actively participated in, or who had connections with the '45.
  3. To mark the appropriate historical sites.
  4. To endeavour to safeguard the Jacobite heritage

For more details, see the 1745 Association Leaflet.

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New content you won't find anywhere else. Our primary communication is The Jacobite, provided as part of the membership benefits. Recent research by association members found the location of Lochiel's burial place at Bergues.
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January 16 2016
From 1:30-4pm there will be a guided tour in the area of the Battle of Falkirk the day before its 270th anniversary. More details to come.
September 3-6, 2015
The success of the 1745 Association's Annual Gathering is attributed to John Macfarlane and Glen MacDonald. We visited; Barcaldine, Glen Creran, Glen Ure, Appin, Duror, Ballachulish, and Inverary. Complete details on the Gathering's page.