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Oamaru Mail, Volume XXVIII, Issue 8162, 23 April 1903, Page 1
Welcome Fáilte Bienvenue Benvenuto Bienvenido Witam


We are all more or less Jacobites in New Zealand. That is to say, there is a tinge of romanticism in the New Zealand character, drawn, perhaps, from contact with the Maori, and the sympathies of the average New Zealand youth, of both sexes are undoubtedly roused by the story of the unfortunate Stuarts. But we must go abroad for news (says the Lyttelton Times), and, in spite of the Jacobite leanings of our young men and maidens, it will surprise most of our readers to learn that there is an active branch of the “Legitimist Jacobite League of Great Britain and Ireland” in the colony. The organ of the League announces that “Mr Charles Bagnail has been appointed agent for New Zealand, where the work of the League is being carried on with considerable energy and with consequently satisfactory results.” The Daily News, which never misses the chance of a “dig” at the New Zealand Premier, is anxious to hear “Air Seddon’s opinion on the subject of the League which has just established a branch within the ample shadow of his personality.” “If we understand at all,” continues the Daily News, “the workings of that statesman’s intelligence—and we have attempted this he will regard the League as a formidable menace to the safety of the Throne and the integrity of, the Empire, and will probably recommend its members to the attention of the next mass meeting of aborigines that he happens to address.” Having survived ten year of Conservative criticism in this colony, Mr Seddon is not likely to be seriously concerned about the pleasantries of the rather languid journals of the Motherland. But one might reasonably inquire where Mr Charles Bagnall “hangs out his shingle,” as the Americans say, and what the Legitimist League is doing in New Zealand. Is it preparing a revolution, or merely keeping a spirit alive? And what is the nature of the satisfactory results? Surely this does not mean that, arms and ammunition are being accumulated against the day when another Prince Charlie will lead a force of New Zealanders to London, there to sit on London Bridge and contemplate the ruins of the city. The New Zealand Legitimists can drink to “the King over the Water” without being in any way disloyal, for the miles that divide us from our King are chiefly miles of ocean.

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Charles Edward Stuart by Giles Hussey in pencil and red chalk
  New content you won't find anywhere else. Our primary communication is The Jacobite, provided as part of the membership benefits. Recent research by association members found the location of Lochiel's burial place at Bergues.
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January 16 2016
From 1:30-4pm there will be a guided tour in the area of the Battle of Falkirk the day before its 270th anniversary. More details to come.
September 3-6, 2015
The success of the 1745 Association's Annual Gathering is attributed to John Macfarlane and Glen MacDonald. We visited; Barcaldine, Glen Creran, Glen Ure, Appin, Duror, Ballachulish, and Inverary. Complete details on the Gathering's page.