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Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2009

Sample Newsletter from 2009This page will hold the archives of a proposed newsletter. The original proposed newsletter is here as a sample for member comment. This document, like every other one on our website, is a Click-Everywhere page. Please note there are some updates to the content. Most significantly:-

  1. Hetty's book A Jacobite Miscellany produced for The Roxburghe Club in 1948 has now been completely transcribed and the Introduction is here. We have been given permission by the The Roxburghe Club to have it republished in PDF form and the book is available in the Members-only Area.

  2. “The full document is available from Dave Waddell’s web site as Itinerary.pdf. Although this document is protected, all current members of the 1745 Association will receive an email with the password to unlock it.”

    This is no longer true and this document is freely available to all.
  3. Shipwreck’s ‘Prince Charlie’ link at the BBC contains a portrait of Charles which is actually his younger brother Henry.

  4. “Unfortunately, only one book is currently available to read on the internet, Records of the County of Banff.”

    This is no longer true there are now also Volume One and Volume Two of The Book of the Duffs. Her personal experiences during World War I are also available as A Scottish Nurse at Work (US access only) or download it here.

If you would like to contribute, send your content to Lewie Caw. The best candidates are those directly related to the 1745 rising (and the participants) with lots of good quality pictures, links, and audio or video. Preference will be given to those who have references to primary or good secondary sources. Don't worry so much about your writing skills as the content will be formatted and edited. As an example of good content, look at the page Charles' Handwriting which is an introduction to the research proposal. A selection of primary sources are on the research page in the mission statement. If you need help with a reference, ask.

If you have references to popular texts, you may be able to link to the original text. For example, here is a link from the text on Bonnie Prince Charlie's Handwriting to The Forty-Five by Lord Mahon page 2 on Google Books
... and this is how you would reference the same link on The Jacobite Bookshelf.

Mission Statement
Charles Edward Stuart by Giles Hussey in pencil and red chalk
  New content you won't find anywhere else. Our primary communication is The Jacobite, provided as part of the membership benefits. Research by association members found the location of Lochiel's burial place at Bergues.
Le du Teillay Versailles Palace - Court of Honour Charles' signature
January 16 2016
From 1:30-4pm there will be a guided tour in the area of the Battle of Falkirk the day before its 270th anniversary. More details to come.
September 3-6, 2015
The success of the 1745 Association's Annual Gathering is attributed to John Macfarlane and Glen MacDonald. We visited; Barcaldine, Glen Creran, Glen Ure, Appin, Duror, Ballachulish, and Inverary. Complete details on the Gathering's page.