Ye Jacobites by Name midi by Barry Taylor



Significant Events Leading to the Jacobite Rising of 1745  




1685    James II (and VII) crowned King of England and Scotland.  

1688    James Francis Stuart born (son of James VII (II)).  

1688    James VII (& II), his wife (Mary of Modena) and son escape into exile  

1689   William of Orange and wife Mary (daughter of James II and Anne Hyde) crowned as joint monarchs.  

1689   James VII (& II) arrives in Ireland in the first attempt to regain the throne.  "Bonnie Dundee" killed at

            Battle  of Killiecrankie.

1690   James (II & VII) defeated by forces of William III at Battle of the Boyne

1694   Mary dies at the age of 32 leaving no children.  

1701   Act of Settlement passed stating that no Roman Catholic may become monarch.  

1701   Exiled King James (II & VII)) dies.  

1702   William III dies aged 53 after falling from a horse. Queen Anne (Mary’s sister) ascends the throne.  

1707   Act of Union passed. Great Britain comes into existence.  

1708   James Francis Stuart, son of James VII (& II), unsuccessfully attempts to land in Scotland with 5,000 French


1713   Treaty of Utrecht produces temporary peace between Britain and France and forbids James (III) the

           right to live in France.  

1714   Queen Anne dies with no surviving children and George, Elector of  Hanover is crowned George I.  

1715   Jacobite rebellion led by the Earl of Mar captures Perth and Inverness but quickly fails through lack of

           French support.  Inconclusive Battle of Sheriffmuir

1715   Louis XIV of France dies leaving Jacobites short of French support.  

1717    James II (& VIII) takes up residence in Italy.  

1719    Anglo-French alliance declares war on Spain.

1719    Spanish financed Jacobite rebellion fails.  

1719    James (VII & III) marries Clementina Sobieska.  

1720    Prince Charles Edward Stuart born in Rome.  

1725    Charles’ brother Henry born.  

1727    George I dies, George II is crowned.  

1735    Clementina Sobieska dies aged 33.  

1740    Charles VI of Austria dies, precipitating the War Of Austrian Succession. Britain and France on

            opposing sides.  

1743    French lose Battle of Dettingen. Renewed French interest in anti-British and therefore Stuart cause.  

1744    Invasion troops led by Prince Charles assembled at Dunkirk. Bad weather wrecks ships and plans.

            Charles determined to try again.  

1745    In May the French rout British forces commanded by the Duke of Cumberland at Battle of Fontenoy.  


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