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MacGillvary connections

I had a question come to me perhaps someone can help?


I came across your page, based on the page for the Bonnie Prince Charlie long march. My mother is a MacGillvary, and her ancestors came from the Arisaig / Glen Mama area. There might be a connection to John Mor McGilvray who fell at Culloden, based on an obituary in 1860 from Prince Edward Island. I was wondering if there is much historical research done by the Association, as records are quite sparse and I am interested in finding out more. In addition to MacGillvray ancestry, I have McEachern, McRae and McKinnon ancestry, most likely from Moidart – all staunch Jacobites and all forced out during the Clearances, and settled in Prince Edward Island.



My reply

As you probably know John Mor McGilivray was a major in Lady Anne MacIntosh’s regiment. He was killed at Culloden.

There is a ref to him In “Lyon in Mourning” vol ii p 280
“The late Glenaladale told the Revd. D.Macintosh, that he saw the Major of the Mackintoshes a gun-shot past the enemy’s cannon at Culloden Muir. The Major’s name was John MacGilvrae”
That is the only ref. I know for him I am sorry to say. I will post your letter and my reply on our website and maybe someone with clan connections can help

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