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The Father Innes Papers from the Scots College in Paris.

The Father Innes Papers from the Scots College in Paris extracted from The Spalding Club Miscellany Volume II (1842) by John Stuart. This contains a facsimile letter to Henry Innes congratulating him on becoming Procurator in 1777 and is signed Charles R. There is also a letter in Papers of the Scots College at Paris by A. Trip in The Monthly Magazine; or, British Register (1804).

Colonel John Walkinshaw Crawfurd of Crawfurdland

The <a title="Examination of John Walkinshaw" href=""><em>Examination of John Walkinshaw</em></a> on October 3, 1746 at the <a title="Cockpit in Whitehall Palace" href="">Cockpit in Whitehall Palace</a> by Thomas Waite, Treasury Secretary for the Duke of Newcastle. <a title="Colonel John Walkinshaw Crawfurd of Crawfurdland" href="">Colonel John Walkinshaw Crawfurd of Crawfurdland</a> was the cousin of Thomas Coutts the London banker to George II who later helped Clementina Walkinshaw. He was also a personal friend of Lord Kilmarnock and attended him on the scaffold.