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Ascanius; or, the Young Adventurer (Griffiths 1747)

EnglishAscanius; or, the Young Adventurer (Griffiths 1747). This is almost identical to the Johnston version except it includes a reference to a curious letter signed with the pseudonym Philo-Britannus (C. Davenant LL.D.) titled A Letter from a Gentleman in London to his friend in the Country concerning the Society in Scotland for propagating Christian Knowledge and “civilizing the Scotch Highlander”, published in The Gentleman’s magazine, Volume 9 (1739) by John Nichols Page 286.

Account of the signal Escape of John Fraser

An Account of the signal Escape of John Fraser. Published as a three-page pamphlet in Edinburgh in 1750 and copied from there into The Lyon in Mourning Volume II, page 239. Here is added:

N.B.—Mr. David Chisholm, Presbyterian Minister at Kilmorack in the shire of Inverness, when in Edinburgh at the General Assembly in May 1758, told that said Fraser or Maclver still lives at a place called Wellhouse in said parish of Kilmorack, that his name is Alexander and not John, and that he himself (Mr. Chisholm), is a blood relation to said Alexander Fraser’s wife (See f. 1619).