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Rare 1st and 2nd editions found

Action item:

Contact the Mitchell Library and see if we can photograph/photocopy both versions.

Mitchell Library
North Street, Glasgow G3 7DN
0141 287 2999
Fax: 0141 287 2815

Control Number J000155432
ISBN J000155432
Main Author/Editor Graham, Dougal, 1724-1779
Title A full and particular account of the rebellion: in the years 1745 and 1746 : Giving a full account of all the battles, seiges, skirmishes, and secret conspiracies, both in Scotland and England
Edition The second edition / greatly enlarg’d and corrected by the author Dougal Graham
Publication Glasgow : printed for, and sold by Dougal Graham merchant in Glasgow; and Alexander Young merchant in Stirling, 1752
Pagination [2], 100p ; 14cm
Published Reference ESTC citation no.: T184917
Dewey Class Number 941.072
Control Number J000155433
ISBN J000155433
Main Author/Editor Graham, Dougal, 1724-1779
Title A full and particular account of the rebellion in the years 1745-6 / composed by the poet D. Graham, in Stirling-shire he lives at hame. To the tune of, The gallant Grahams ; To which is added, several other poems by the same author
Publication Glasgow : printed for, and sold by James Duncan in the Salt-market the second shop below Gibson’s Wynd, M DCC XLVI [1746]
Pagination [1], xii, 84p ; 15cm
Title Glasgow courant
Mitchell Note Rare first edition of a title that was subsequently published in nine editions
First leaf reproduces an advertisement for the book from the Glasgow Courant of 29 September 1746
Mitchell Item Note In box
Dewey Class Number 941.072

LEAVES FROM THE DIARY OF JOHN CAMPBELL, an Edinburgh Banker in 1745.




John Campbell, banker in Edinburgh

John Campbell, banker in Edinburgh

Diary of John Campbell

The Diary of John Campbell, banker at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh from the Scottish History Society Miscellany Volume I (Edinburgh, 1893, pp. 537-59). In 1995 the Royal Bank produced a booklet with the complete content and a useful list of names and places such as Old Bank—Bank of Scotland, at Old Bank Close on the north side of the Lawnmarket, Edinburgh.

Langley Lunch with The Northumbrian Jacobite Society


Dear Members

Please find details of the Langley Lunch and wreath laying which has been rescheduled for Sunday, 24 February, together with the programme of events for 2013 and a copy (for your records) of our Society Constitution.

There is a reminder in the attached letter of subscription renewal due January. We will contact Members who have recently joined as and when their next subscription is due; for new members subsequent subscriptions will be from January 2014. If you have any questions about any of the attachments or details therein, please just let us know.

Kind regards
Elizabeth Finch, Honorary Secretary
The Fifteen, The Northumbrian Jacobite Society
01670 823942 / 07985 900228

Events calendar 2013


Langley Lunch

Langley Lunch menu

Jacobite Songs and Ballads

New page on the 1745 Association web site.

Jacobite Songs and Ballads

[ldquote]Scotland is as musical with the voice of song, as it is with torrents and waterfalls. Every mountain and glen—every strath and loch—every river and stream—every grove and grassy knoll—every castle and almost every cottage, has its own particular song, ballad, or legend; for which the country is not so much indebted to scholars and men of learned leisure and intellectual refinement, as to the shrewd but hearty and passionate common people.
The Jacobite Songs and Ballads of Scotland from 1688 to 1746. By Charles Mackay

Brian Whiting

A selection of songs provided by Brian
Derwentwater’s Farewell
The Bonnie Blue
Welcome Royal Charlie

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President’s Letter

Posted on behalf of Brian and John:

I am sorry to hear that you have seen fit to resign from the 1745 Association because of my activities with the ‘Better Together’ campaign.

It may be that you have misunderstood the nature of our 1745 Association. We are not apparatchiki for the present Scottish Government, any other form of Scottish Government, the SNP or, indeed, any political stance.

As I and my Council understand it, the 1745 Association is constitutionally a non-political historical association, the objectives of which are:

To study the Jacobite period.

To record and preserve the memory of those who actively participated in, or who had connections with the ‘45.

To mark the appropriate historical sites.

As a Gaelic-speaking Highlander with deep roots in Argyll, as a convinced Episcopalian and as an amateur military historian, I have fully sympathised with, and participated in these objectives for over a decade as Member, Member of Council, Chairman of Council and as President.

You should understand that it is the Association which is non-political and not its Members. Each of us is entitled to private political views unassociated with the Association and is free to express them openly in what is currently a democratic Scotland.

I intend to hold to my personal political views and to express them on appropriate occasions. I also intend to remain as President of our Association for as long as the Council and Members wish me to do so, furthering its non-political and historical objectives in any way I can.

I intend to ask for this letter to be published on our website and in Jacobite so that Members are in no doubt as to the nature of our Association and our views on their political freedom as Members.

Le gach deagh dhùrachd ( Yours sincerely),