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Capon Tree monument

Some of you may remember a post I made a while ago about the monument to the Jacobite soldiers executed at Brampton, Nr Carlisle

Mr David Moorat, who is Chair of Brampton parish council has been in touch with me again. They intend to plant an oak tree near the monument to replace the one lost many years ago.

Mr Moorat would be pleased if any members of the 1745 Association were able to attend. Members of the Northumberland Jacobite Soc have also been invited.

The ceremony will be on 21 October 2013. The time of the event has not been decided yet and I will post here and on the Yahoo forum when it has.

Mr Moorat would be particularly pleased if a piper could attend.

Should anyone be available please contact David on 016977 2802 or email or if you prefer post here or to and I will forward the information to David

Steve Lord

Dr Archibald Cameron

Dr Archie plaque

I went to the Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy today. This a s most of you will know is where Dr Archibald Cameron of Lochiel is buried after being executed on 7 June 1753.

You may also know that the chapel has undergone a lot of restoration recently and is frequently closed, as it is today (officially anyway)

Last time I went I noticed that the plaque to Dr Archie was missing so I asked about it with not a lot of luck

Today I met the Steward of the chapel , Sqn Ldr Thomas Leyland (he was painting the front door) and he told me the chapel was closed.I persevered and he relented and took me into the chapel where the floor is being taken up.
We then went into “The Queen’s Robing Room” (table from Hampton Court Palace, chairs frmn Windsor Castle and desk from Royal Yacht Brittannia!) where after digging about in a cupboard for a while he unearthed Dr Archies plaque.

Thomas told me that the plaque would not be replaced anytime this year but eventually, along with quite a few others it will be



St George’s Gardens King’s Cross London

Some time ago I visited St George’s Gardens in King’s Cross London. On their website is a list of eight Jacobites, executed at Kennington, who are buried in the gardens.

The website states: “More than a dozen Jacobites were hanged, drawn and quartered on Kennington Common and their headless bodies buried in the gardens, which lie between Judd Street and Gray’s Inn Road. The executed Jacobites known to be buried here are Thomas Siddal, James Dawson, Thomas F Deacon, John Borwick, Thomas David Morgan, Andrew Blydes, Thomas Chadwick and George Fletcher.”

There is no memorial to the Jacobites buried here and I think that perhaps there should be.  As such I am trying to find out exactly who is buried there.

Amongst the resources I have, that mention these executions in detail are The Muster Roll of Prince CES’ Army, Prisoners of the Forty-Five,  The Scottish Antiquary Vol V, 1891 (thanks to Dave Waddell), and History of the Rebellion Robert Chambers.

Sorting out who was executed at Kennington is easier than deciding who was buried at Kings Cross.

Scottish Antiquary (Executed at Kennington)

Name Occupation Rank Military Organization Date of Execution
John Berwick Gentleman Lieutenant Manchester Reg 30 July 1746
Andrew Blood Gentleman Farmer Officer Man. Squadron 30 July 1746
James Bradshaw Merchant Captain Manchester Reg.(Later Elcho’s Lifeguards) 28 Nov. 1746
Thomas Theodorus Deacon Gentleman Officer Manchester Reg. 30 July 1746
George Fletcher Gentleman linendraper Captain Manchester Reg. 30 July 1746
John Hamilton Governor Carlisle 28 Nov. 1746
Donald MacDonald of Kinlochmoydart Gentleman 26 August 1746
David Morgan Barrister-at-law 30 July 1746
Walter Ogilvie Gentleman Lieutenant Ld. Lewis Gordon’s Reg 22 August 1746
Francis Townley Colonel Manchester Reg. 30 July 1746
Sir John Wedderburn Baronet Receiver of Ecxise Ogilvy’s Reg. 28 Nov. 1746
Andrew Wood Gentleman Captain Roy Stuart’s Reg. 28 Nov. 1746


That’s twelve people. Of the ones listed on the St George’s Gardens website three are not listed in Scottish Antiquary. These are Thomas Siddall, James Dawson and Thomas Chadwick. I think we can accept Andrew Blydes as Andrew Blood as he is referred to by that name elsewhere, John Borwick is John Berwick sometimes referred to as John Berswick.


Prisoners of the Forty-Five (Executed at Kennington)

Al l those  listed above from Scottish Antiquary are also listed in “Prisoners”.  Others  are listed below. Hamilton and MacDonald (in italics) are listed below only because their date of execution is at variance with “Antiquary” This list now accounts for those listed by St George’s website who are missing from “Antiquary”.

Name Rank Regiment Date of Execution
Thomas Chadwick Captain Manchester 30 July 1746
James Dawson Ensign Manchester 30 July 1746
John Hamilton Colonel   15  Nov. 1746
Alexander Leith Captain Glenbucket’s 28 Nov. 1746
Donald MacDonald Captain Keppoch’s 22 Aug. 1746
James Nicholson Lieutenant Perth’s 2 Aug. 1746
Thomas Siddall Manchester 30 July 1746


“Prisoners” also states that 17 “English” Officers were tried on 15 July 1746 and of those, nine were executed on 30 July. Taking both lists into consideration we do indeed have nine men who were executed on that date. The Muster Roll of PCES’ Army agrees the names nine men who were executed on 30 July. Robert Chambers agrees.

So we now have a list of the nine men, eight of whom are listed by the St George’s website. The one missing is Colonel Francis Townley and The Gentleman’s Magazine states

After he had hung for six minutes, he was cut down, and, having life in him, as he lay on the block to be quartered, the executioner gave him several blows on the breast, which not having the effect designed, he immediately cut his throat : after which he took his head off then ripped him open, and took out his bowels and threw them into the fire which consumed them, then he slashed his four quarters, put them with the head into a coffin, and they were deposited till Saturday, August 2nd, when his head was put on Temple Bar, and his body and limbs suffered to be buried.”

It is not clear to me where Townley’s body is buried.

Probably buried in St George’s gardens

Name Occupation Rank Regiment Date of Execution
John Berwick Gentleman Lieutenant Manchester 30 July 1746
Andrew Blood Gentleman Farmer Officer Manchester 30 July 1746
Thomas Deacon Gentleman Officer Manchester 30 July 1746
George Fletcher Gentleman linendraper Captain Manchester 30 July 1746
David Morgan Barrister-at-law Captain Manchester 30 July 1746
Thomas Chadwick Captain Captain Manchester 30 July 1746
James Dawson Ensign Ensign Manchester 30 July 1746
Thomas Siddall Manchester 30 July 1746


I do not know how those responsible for St George’s gardens know that those executed on 30 July with the exception of Col. Townley are buried there. Nor do I know why they do not think others executed at Kennington at a later date are not buried there. I will write and ask them.

In the meantime I should be pleased to hear comments on this work so far. Any further information would be most welcome.


Steve Lord