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Lord Elcho Scotch Whisky


Allan Plant, who is a member of the association, sent me a little brochure advertising Lord Elcho whisky. It is distilled by Wemyss Malts of Edinburgh. As those of you living in Scotland probably know we might be a bit slow on the uptake about whisky in the south of England and I admit I have never come across either this particular whisky or indeed Wemyss Malts before. No doubt someone will pop up and educate me.

It’s not the cheapest blended scotch I have come across. Let’s hope it’s one of the best.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all




“Jacobite” Fame spreads to Australia

We have a member in Queensland called Lawrance Chadwick. He is a presenter on a community radio station called “Noosa”.  Lawrance presents a show called “The Tartan Shuttle” from noon until 2pm on Tuesdays.


He sent me the following email today. I wonder if it will generate a member or several?

I did a community announcement for, ” The Jacobite ” on-air this last Tuesday 9/12/2014.
Our local, ” footprint ” may be small around Noosa but we do audio stream worldwide on <>
I mentioned,The very Reverend Dr. Emsley Nimmo, Dr. Christopher Duffy ( I have a couple of his books ) and Maureen Lipscomb.
I rarely get feedback from listeners but, ” The Jacobite “, has been heard by thousands.
All success to, ” The Jacobite “.


Steve Lord



Game of Crowns

In today’s edition of The Scotsman newspaper, there is an article with the by-line Game of Crowns It relates to a new exhibition at The National Library of Scotland, opening today and running until May 2015. The theme is the build up to the so-called “Glorious Revolution,”  the union of 1707, the 1715 Rising, with a brief inclusion of the Rising of 1745

One of the more significant exhibits is the actual order given to Robert Campbell of Glen Lyon, which led to the massacre at Glencoe. The involvement of The Master of Stair is a fascinating insight to the “skull-duggery” of 17th/18th century politics which directly affected modern history.

The title of the exhibition is very apt and if anyone happens to be in Edinburgh at this time, particularly those of a Jacobite persuasion, a visit to The National Library of Scotland is a must.

Brian A, Whiting.

10 December to 10 May

George IV Bridge Building

Admission free

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 10.00-20.00
Saturday: 10.00-17.00
Sunday: 14.00-17.00
See also:
Festive season opening hours