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Victory at last at new Battle of Culloden

Plans to stop Culloden Battlefield – a war grave for thousands of Jacobite soldiers – from being swamped by housing developments has been approved.

A modern-day war at Culloden was launched after a 16-home development about 400 yards from the official site was last year granted by the Scottish Government, despite worldwide objections.

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Possible Jacobite supporter buried in Pendle

Dear all.
              What does anyone make of this?
Steve Lord
Hi Lewie,
I hope you or the 1745 Association can help me.
We are currently doing further research into the history of our church, which is St. Mary’s Newchurch in Pendle.
In our church yard we have a gravestone to the memory of James Aitken, formerly of Dundee who joined the army of Prince Charles Edward during the Scotch Rebellion 1745 and eventually settled and died at Newchurch in Pendle where he was interred November 19th 1794.
James Aitken is referred to in some our earlier histories as having a rank – perhaps Captain – but I cannot substantiate this. I note from your aims that you are interested in the personnel of army and places of interest related to the 1745.
I wonder if you know anything about James Aitken or if someone in your association might be interested in doing some research, as they are much more likely to be successful than me!
Church would be very happy to be included in your places of interest, if you felt this appropriate.
I have attached an image of the gravestone, a large marble edifice of much later than 1794.
Many thanks,
John Parsons
Parish Secretary
St. Mary’s Church
Newchurch in Pendle

James Aitken