Monthly Archives: March 2016

1745 Association Piping Trophy Awarded

Association Council members Maureen Lipscomb (Secretary) and Glen MacDonald (Vice Chairman) attended the annual Duncan Johnstone Memorial Piping Competition at the National Piping Centre in Glasgow on Saturday 19th March 2016. The 1745 Association originally donated the trophy for the winner of the March, Strathspey and Reel section of the competition about 15 years ago. Having spent a very pleasant afternoon listening to the various competitors piping in the Piobaireachd, Jig and March, Strathspey and Reel categories, Glen MacDonald was delighted to have the honour of presenting the 1745 Association Trophy to this year’s winner, a young and very talented piper by the name of Connor Sinclair. Connor also won the competition in 2015 and is personal piper to the former SNP leader and Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond.