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Young Glengarry and the Battle of Falkirk – 1745 Association Event Sat 20th Jan 18

On Saturday 20th January 2018 the 1745 Association held a number of events in Falkirk to recall and commemorate the Battle of Falkirk which was fought on 17th January 1746. In the morning two presentations were given at the Trinity Old Parish Church Hall attended by about 45 members and locals. Firstly the Chairman, Mike Nevin, gave a most interesting and informative account of the battle and stated his view that the Prince himself played a significant hand in its successful outcome for the Jacobites. Secondly, member Glen MacDonald shed light on the death of Young Glengarry, 2nd son of the 12th Chief of the MacDonells, who was accidentally shot on the High Street in Falkirk on the day after the battle and subsequently died in agony three days later. Glen relayed the story and explained the impact that this tragic event had on morale in the Highland regiments, its contribution towards strategic events following the battle and why he had been so keen to ensure that the unfortunate Young Glengarry is not forgotten.  Following this Ranald MacDonell of Glengarry, 23rd Chief, present along with his wife Carolyn, Lady Glengarry, laid a wreath at the tomb of Young Glengarry outside the church followed by a haunting lament by piper Sandy MacDonell. Next, the party was piped to the archway giving access to the High Street where Glengarry gave a moving speech about the accidental shooting and death of his ancestor and then unveiled a splendid new plaque erected by the the 1745 Association to cast some light on this story and record that Young Glengarry was shot, died and is buried all within 30 yards of the location of this new plaque. The group then moved off to the Nearby Howgate Shopping Centre for a snack lunch and an opportunity to view a fine set of three stain glass windows depicting the three Jacobite leaders at the time of the battle – Bonnie Prince Charlie, Lord George Murray and Lord Drummond. A coach then whisked all up to the battlefield where Geoff Bailey, author of the definite account of the battle “Falkirk or Paradise” gave an excellent, if rather snowy and muddy, battlefield tour taking in the opportunity to see new interpretative information display boards and posts which tell the story of the battle for visitors. These have been installed following a collaborative project initiated and led by the Association’s chairman Mike Nevin. The tour ended at the Canada Kitchen cafe where a memorial bench was unveiled in memory of the Association’s late, much loved and greatly missed editor of “The Jacobite”, Brian Whiting. The occasion proved to be very poignant – particularly when brought to a close by piper Sandy MacDonell’s fabulous piping of a series of tunes, including a number by The Corries which had all been Brian’s favourites. All in all a full and great day out for members of the 1745 Association involving an enjoyable combination of history, socialising, piping and commemoration. Some photos from the day are shown below here. Post by Glen MacDonald

Glengarry lays a wreath at the tomb of his ancestor Young Glengarry on behalf of the 1745 Association.

Glengarry and Lady Glengarry viewing the plaque after the unveiling.

Close up of the plaque and its wording telling the story of the death of Young Glengarry.

Glengarry, Lady Glengarry, member Glen MacDonald and piper Sandy MacDonell

Piper Sandy MacDonell pipes a moving  lament following the laying of the wreath at the tomb of Young Glengarry.